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Different How?

This is how our service is different

Our philosophy

Our aim is to make creating and maintaining a website as simple as possible and we do that by adhering to a few key principles.

The principle of least surprise

Your website should just happen

Our aim in everything we do, is for things to happen for you just the way that you expect them to. For example when you first create your website you'll want to see it with images, so we start with the best that we know. Pretty soon you'll want to change the initial images and so we include credits that will allow you to choose from the best available royalty free professional images from iStockPhoto.

Of course we're happy to surprise you with how easily it all goes. Let us know your expectations and we'll always do what we can to meet them.

The principle of quality over quantity

No more wading through mediocrity.

We all like choice, but it soon gets wearing when you have to pick from an endless array. Here at the Butterflytent we believe that less is more. We will always aim to offer from a carefully selected range of templates for example.

The principle of easy introduction

Good choices all round.

Most people who start to look at creating a website are overwhelmed by the array of issues to consider. There are domain name registration, keyword metadata, search engine optimisation, content, template selection and on and on. Many website providers just launch you into these issues, expecting you to become an overnight web expert. That, or simply ignore the issues by offering you no choice. Here at the Butterflytent we aim to start you off with the best choice that we can make for every decision. This means that you can start right from the very beginning, secure in the knowledge that you already have a pretty good answer to every question, and that you are free to change and customise those choices at any time. We give you the freedom to become involved in the technology to whatever depth at your own pace.

The 80:20 principle

Respecting the balance of nature.

The 80:20 principle appears throughout the natural world whenever complexity is involved. It says that 80% of the value is in the first 20% of a thing, and that 80% of the cost is in the last 20%. For this reason, we can make it easy to do the first 80% of anything you would like with your website as standard at a great price. The last 20% we gladly support with personalised options such as custom templates and design work.


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