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Simple, Beautiful and Affordable

How much for all this?

Simple Prices

That include everything you need.

There are no hidden extras, your setup fee includes everything you need to get a website up and running, looking fantastic and visible to all.

Standard Setup £120.00
Hosting (per month) £12.00

What do I get?

What is included in the price?

We aim to include everything you need with no hidden extras. This means that included in your setup as standard are:

  • A domain name of your choice ( or
  • E-mail from your domain name
  • Image credits for stock images
  • Submission of your website to 100 online directories including Google
  • E-mail support
  • A beautiful extensible website
  • Choice of visually rich compelling templates
  • Four pages of provisional content
  • Integrated with Google maps
  • Supports PayPal buttons, Google calendars, YouTube videos and more

Included in the hosting fee as standard are:

  • Automatic domain name re-registering
  • Edit your pages, content and images at any time
  • Add new pages
  • Crop and resize images
  • Integrated upgrade of preview to high quality stock images
  • Hosting on high availability high speed servers
  • Ongoing support

Also on offer

Key services and alternatives

Personalised Template (starting at...) £90.00
Guided Startup £240.00
Managed Hosting (per month) £18.00
Comprehensive Language Report £60.00
Image Credits each (after the initial free ones) £1.40
Additional Domain Name (per year) £25.00
Additional Directory Submission £45.00

Personalised Template

When you know what you want and are looking for something really special.

Once you have your website we can give it a template customised just for you, typically based on one of the existing templates. Consider this if you want some specific style changes or if you want a complete new look. Template work is charged at an hourly rate with a two hour minimum charge. Contact us with your requirements for a quotation.

Guided Startup

When you just want it to be someone else's problem.

Sometimes you just don't get computers and don't want to. If this is where you're at when you're creating your website let us know and we can guide you through the whole process over the phone.

Managed Hosting

When you always want it to be someone else's problem.

If you simply don't want to go near a computer let us know and we can set things up so that you can phone with any changes that you want to make, we'll put them right on your site and you can check them out live.

Language Report

How your language works.

Many practitioners are great at what they do, but less confident about letting people know that. We can help by making practical suggestions based on what you have written, that will fit with your values and get the message out to potential clients.

Image Credits

A great image makes a world of difference.

We aim to provide you with enough image credits to create your website but sometimes you'll want more! Perhaps you like to change images often, use close-ups from a large image or embed a large number of images in with your content. In those cases you'll need more credits, and the good news is you can top up whenever you like and instantly have access to the image that you want.

Remember to set the quantity to the number of credits that you need.

Additional Domain Names

Look great with many faces

It can be a wise choice to have your website appear with more than one name. and for example. Or find a great name that you love ( and a great name to capture google searches ( You get your choice of domain name included as standard, of course, and you can have as many additional names as you like. Each additional name addresses your website, allowing your site to be known by many names.

Please contact us to arrange additional domain names

Directory Submissions

Improve your position

This is a great way to increase your Google ranking (the position that search engines place you in the list when you appear in a search). When you publish your website we automatically add you to a list of 100 top search engines. With this option we list your website in over 150 internet directories, meaning that Google knows even more clearly how valuable your site is.


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